How do you achieve the HIGHEST VERSION OF YOURSELF?

I asked that question to some of the world’s great thinkers and leaders, as part of an interview for a series called A Magnificent New Normal.

Today, I’ll be sharing Lynne McTaggart’s answer.

Lynne is the celebrated bestselling author of numerous groundbreaking books, including The Intention Experiment, The Field, The Bond, and The Power of Eight.

In our interview, she discusses: The Power of Our Intention in a Deeply Connected and Transforming World

Lynne describes the amazing outcomes from intention experiments, ranging from changing plant behavior, to healing individuals, to reducing civil war violence. She also introduces the dramatic results from small group healings.

This short excerpt starts mid-interview, after she answers my first question, which was to share her vision of a glorious post-pandemic civilization. That’s the first question I asked every guest. The second question is always about tips we can use to achieve the highest version of ourselves. Here I’m sharing Lynne’s answer to that one.

After the first two questions, the interviews go quite deep, often for more than an hour.

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