In my last email, I shared how I put my fingers on a couple of fellow college students and instantly reduced swelling or pain. But then I then stopped trying to heal for the next 17 years.

The next installment seemed to rush in, complete with intuitive visuals, spontaneous knowing, and an understanding of subtler aspects of the mind and body.

Here’s a partial excerpt of what happened (30 years ago). The complete story is available for members of the Highest Version of Yourself Community. Some form of it will eventually appear in my book, Claiming Your Magic.

You can access the full version of this excerpt in the community as well as other Claiming Your Magic book excerpts in the resource section of the Highest Version of Yourself Community.

The Awakening of My Subtle Perception and a Flood of Healing Techniques Experience Healing

There it was again. Some odd, seemingly celestial object appeared out of nowhere. I wasn’t seeing it with my eyes. But in my mind, I could visualize the size, shape, and color. This time it was a pink flower. And it was in my right hand.

“What’s in my right hand?” I asked.

Margaret looked over and casually responded, “Pink flower.”

Boom. She “saw” the same thing. She always did.

We were in the middle of a fantastical journey of transformation. In addition to our awakening perception, a multitude of healing abilities were spontaneously emerging for us both. Moving energy through each other’s bodies. Finding and transforming younger parts of our psyches. Pulling out unwanted energies or ushering in new ones. Releasing old stuck emotions and patterns. And from time to time, finding celestial type objects in our hands.

The images and techniques that came to us during those months were vast and varied. Neither of us had known about or experienced them before. As we worked on each other for hours a day over many weeks, we just knew what to do, like we were downloading the user’s manual. A consistent pattern, language, and logic emerged.

After the session, it was time to compare notes. What started as uncanny, become commonplace. We always saw the same thing. We both saw objects coming out, energies flowing in, light streaming between our hands, and the personalities of our stuck parts expressing and evolving before us. And that day, we both saw the pink flower.

With Margaret’s daily validations, I never questioned if my perceptions were real. Without her confirmation, it would have been easy to doubt what was happening. Based on the transformations in our lives, I also knew what we were doing was profound.

It took me years to finally find someone who had the types of experiences we had. I met a young woman who had graduated from a multi-year training program for healers. Like an excited kid, I rattled off in rapid succession as many experiences as I could to see if she had them too.

With every question, her answer was yes. Everything I said was part of her training or practice.

I was thrilled. And perhaps a bit deflated at not being “special.” But overall, it was deeply fulfilling to know that there was a body of knowledge out there that people could learn.

I also knew that part of my job was to eventually teach. What I didn’t know then was that the way I facilitated healing and transformation was still evolving and would look quite different by the time I shared it widely.

This awakening more than three decades ago really launched my investigations and practice. The downloads of dozens of tools and techniques built on each other and contributed to a more comprehensive understanding of the unconscious, conscious, and superconscious parts of ourselves, and how to create immediate transformations and evolution in each.

Thank you, and

Be Magic!