I’m quite sure some folks will want to know how I first got into healing. So, I’m answering that now.

Playing it Cool on my First Healing

I was on the lookout to see if I could heal, and this guy’s swollen eye could be just the ticket.

It was my second year of college. Months earlier, I held an informal weekly seminar where we discussed paranormal behavior, psychic abilities, healing, and enlightenment. I shared some pictures created using Kirlian photography, which shows colored energy fields around objects and people.

The photos depicted the field around the fingertips of a healer and a sick person. The difference was striking. The sick person’s field was small and weak. The healer’s bright and radiant. The fingers were then placed next to each other during the healing session. You could see some of the healer’s field move into the sick person. By the end, the aura of the sick person was brighter and the healer’s was less intense.

As I shared the images with the group, it seemed clear that healing was just a mechanical transfer of energy. Since everyone has a field around them as a resource, I boldly declared what seemed obvious. “Everyone is a healer.”

A few weeks later it dawned on me. “If everyone was a healer, then I must be a healer too.” Now I wanted to see if I could actually do it. A fellow student who just walked into the dorm lounge with a puffy golf ball-sized eye might give me the chance to find out.

“How did it happen?” I asked.

“I just woke up with it this morning,” he said. “No Idea.”

It was mid-afternoon, so it had been swollen for many hours.

“Can I try to heal it?”


I gently placed my fingertips on his closed eyelid. After a few seconds, he said that he felt lots of heat. About a minute later I took my hand away. His eye was totally normal.

We looked at each other in silence.

Inside, part of me was jumping up and down. It worked! It worked! On the outside, however, my 18-year-old self decided to play it cool, like it was just what was expected. Afterall, everyone’s a healer, right?

The guy with the suddenly healed eye was quite religious. He was planning to go into the seminary after college. Perhaps hands-on healing was part of his belief system. I didn’t ask, but he also played it cool.

The guy standing next to us, however, freaked out.


Over and over he questioned, exclaimed, described, and tried to make sense of it all. And all the while was probably very frustrated that the two of us were totally calm, as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

In truth, I loved his over-the-top reaction. It was a big deal. It was my first experience with healing. And it was totally dramatic, quick, and undeniable.

A few days later, I got another chance to test my newly discovered talent.

I was playing soccer with a friend. He was goalie. I was taking shots.

As he caught one of my harder kicks, he shouted with considerable pain. The ball jammed his forefinger.

I ran up to him and lightly held his finger. Within a few seconds, he started laughing.

“You’re draining the pain!”

A few more moments and he was pain free . . . and totally wide-eyed about what just happened.

Later that week, I told a friend about the two experiences. She warned me, “You don’t want to take anything on from the people you heal.”

That stopped me in my tracks. I had no idea if I was doing something that could harm me. I remembered the Kirlian photo showing how healing diminished the field of the healer. So I stopped trying to heal anyone, for 17 years.

But when I started again, the impacts were way beyond reducing swelling and pain. And the techniques that awoke in me were clearly not relying on transferring and depleting energy.

This story will appear in my new book, Claiming Your Magic, along with numerous others that document the evolution of my abilities, the techniques I now use, and the profound experiences they have produced.

I’ll share some of these stories in this newsletter. More will be available in the Highest Version of Yourself Community.

One fun advantage of having this high vibe community is that I can release stories and then get feedback, comments, and questions in live meetings. Member’s input can help me improve my messaging and will surely open up new areas to discuss and write about.

The upcoming live event on June 8th, however, is not about stories of healing or book excerpts.

Saturday’s presentation is going to be a very important introduction to what I call Quantum Bracketing©. It’s unlike what you read above, and is a foundational technique that I use and teach.

If you can’t make the live event, be sure to watch the replay, which will be emailed to you if you RSVP for the event.

Thank you, and

Be Magic!