I’ve been keeping this secret and it is finally time to tell you something about me that’s been going on behind the scenes.

Over decades I’ve developed some extraordinary abilities and insights into consciousness that I’m now ready to share. I’m even writing a book about it.

I’ve discovered easy ways to access more powerful aspects of consciousness that can be used for our own healing and growth, and to help others. The results are stunning.

After experiencing the magic of this work with thousands of people, I decided to test its impact on the brainwaves of individuals connected to EEG sensors. As I expected, the moment I applied what I call the “quantum” aspect of my attention, their brainwaves shifted dramatically.

More importantly, they were able to quickly break through stuck patterns they had struggled with for years. One of the subjects said the session dismantled “long-held limiting beliefs” that he had been “unable to alleviate” on his own. His brain waves showed corresponding changes.

The people I have worked with over the years typically report profound changes at unprecedented speeds. One person who attended a weekend workshop I facilitated said,

“I was able to shift a lifetime pattern, in minutes.”

Fortunately, I’ve found ways to teach people how to use these techniques for themselves and for others. Accessing this more powerful level of consciousness can benefit many aspects of our lives. It can help us.

  • Align with our higher calling and give our gifts to the world;
  • Sharpen our intuition;
  • Enhance our ability to manifest desires;
  • Increase our confidence;
  • Improve our health;
  • And much more.

One friend wrote that the work helped “align my consciousness at all levels in support of my life purpose.”

Another said it helped her “manifest incredible new circumstances,” and that “The work has been nothing short of miraculous!”

I am now ready to share these life-changing insights with the world.

I created the Highest Version of Yourself Community to provide an online space to meet regularly and share what I’ve learned.

In the community, I will lead live events on the quantum aspect of consciousness and teach you how you can use it in your life, share passages in my forthcoming book, and get your very important feedback to verify the power of this new approach.

As a long-time supporter of mine, I am giving my Live Healthy Be Well audience first access to this special community. You will be on the ground floor of this growing community before we launch it to the public.

This community is open to everyone for just $10 per month.

Consciousness is a Field

When I applied the quantum aspect of consciousness at the EEG lab, we not only verified changes in brain waves of the people I worked with who were in the same room but also for a subject who was being monitored down the hall. That person was not told when I engaged my techniques, but each time I did, their brain waves showed corresponding shifts.

There is a growing body of evidence that consciousness is a shared field. I will explain to community members why I believe we can access the most fundamental field in nature, the quantum. If that is true, it explains not only why the results are so quick and so magical, but also why this amazing resource may hold great promise for our collective future.

Thinking for the World

If you follow my work, you know that I am planet-centered. My natural inclination is to serve on behalf of the bigger picture, e.g. protecting all living beings and all future generations from GMOs, safeguarding biological evolution, etc.

I am not giving up on this work. You will still find me in podcasts, articles, films, and summits, speaking about GMOs.

But this work on consciousness is also planet-centered. In fact, I believe that raising collective consciousness is a key strategy that can address far more dangers than just GMOs.

I’m excited to make my contribution to this upliftment of humanity. Its effectiveness depends on how many people learn the techniques and pass them on.

Which is why I would love it if you join me.

I’m looking for people interested in developing the highest version of themselves, to come together as a high-vibe community where we can share and practice these new tools and techniques together.

Your investment that will keep us going is just $10 per month, but I hope to make the value so far beyond that, it will be a no-brainer for you to encourage your friends and family to also join.

Community Bonus: Interviews with 40+ Great Thought Leaders

Community members will also have access to the incredible treasure of interviews that I conducted for the 40-day and 40-night summit I hosted during the pandemic called, A Magnificent New Normal.

Guest luminaries include Bruce Lipton, Lynne Twist, Jewel Kilcher, Alison Armstrong, Lynne McTaggart, Alberto Villoldo, Zach Bush, Sue Morter, David and Austin Perlmutter, Ilarion Merculieff, Eben Alexander, Tom O’Bryan, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Terry Patten, Eric Edmeades, Matthew Fox, and others. Each person shares magnificent gems of wisdom for living a better life and creating a better planet.

As a community member, you gain instant access to all of the interviews.

Choose the Right Newsletter for You

The Live Healthy Be Well Newsletter will soon transition to the Highest Version of Yourself newsletter. I will share excerpts from my forthcoming book, Claiming Your Magic. I’ll also include key excerpts from Magnificent New Normal interviews.

Anyone already on the Live Healthy newsletter will automatically receive the new material.

Anyone who signs up for the Highest Version of Yourself Community will also receive the new material.

Going forward, if you want to receive news and updates on GMOs, be sure to sign up for the newsletter from the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Both lists will continue to offer webinars and information about healthy products I think you’ll want to know about. (There was a lot of enthusiasm about this expressed in the recent survey.)

Saying YES to Big Changes

Launching this additional direction for my life is a big deal for me. But as I witnessed how easily it was to pass on what I’ve learned to others, and how profoundly people have benefitted, it was an easy choice.

Seeing what is going on in the world and knowing how the quantum aspect of consciousness can catapult us forward, starting this community and book became a natural YES for my bigger mission.

I hope you will join me in this new journey, and together explore ways to raise the consciousness of our planet.

Thank you, and

Be Magic!