Here’s some edited excerpts from my forthcoming book, Claiming Your Magic, which goes much deeper into this.

Jeb: Do you know what the smartest invention is?

Zeb: What?

Jeb: The thermos!

Zeb: The Thermos?

Jeb: That’s right. You put cold water in, and hours later it’s still cold. You put hot water in, and hours later it’s still hot. How does it know?

If you were Zeb, you might feel compelled to tell Jeb a thing or two about insulation and that the thermos doesn’t have to know anything. But I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Jeb’s declaration.

When a cell divides, when a seed grows, when an apple drops, how do they know how? Of course, they are just following natural laws. But where are they found? For that matter, where do the laws governing thermos insulation reside?

You might say, “They’re just there,” and you’d be right. They are there, and there, and there. Somehow, the laws of nature that orchestrate the entire world are available wherever we go. Some expressed. Some not. But all the laws are ready to pounce into action whenever needed.

You can’t see the laws themselves, they’re in the background. Unmanifest. Invisible. But they’re there to support anything that is born, built, sprouted, or made, animate or inanimate. They exist prior to what is created and express themselves throughout creation.

Enter, the “quantum.”

Physics now describes an all-pervasive unmanifest field that contains all the laws of nature. All matter and energy must abide by those laws. And that’s how the thermos knows.

Moreover, the thermos is actually made from that same field. If you zoom into its molecules, you will discover that they’re built of atoms. Go deeper and you’ll find subatomic particle building blocks. A closer look at those reveals that they pop in and out of existence. More specifically, the particles are just fluctuations of the underlying field. They, and everything in creation, are expressions of what is called the unified field. Some call it the quantum.

To recap: the thermos is made from the field. That field houses all the laws of nature. Some of those laws are expressed in the thermos. Others are unexpressed. The field really is the “smartest invention.” And since the thermos is ultimately the field at its basis, I’ll give a point to Jeb.

Quantum and Consciousness

When we realize that everything is created from the quantum, you might have already considered what that means for your own body. All its systems, organs, cells, hormones, neurotransmitters, bones, teeth, everything, pops out of the field, is the field, and yet is your body at the same time.

Before you get too caught up in the awkwardness or wonder of that, consider a bigger idea. If the quantum is the source of everything in creation, our consciousness is part of that same creation. The quantum is its source as well.

Your thoughts, feelings, subconscious, superconscious, the whole shebang, come out of the quantum and are the quantum expressed. Now it gets really interesting.

There are several ancient traditions that also talk about an unmanifest field, with pretty much the same description as the unified field of physics. But they add two important characteristics.

First, that unmanifest field is itself a field of consciousness.

Second, the field is accessible by you. Your own individual consciousness can access, marinate in, benefit from, and apply this field of incredible superpowers.

How to Apply the Quantum

If matter is made of subatomic particles that pop in and out of existence, then matter is made of two things at the same time, the particles and the field. Similarly, our consciousness has (at least) two components, our individual thinking mind and the field of pure awareness, which is our version of the quantum.

There are meditations (such as TM) that lead us more deeply into that field, where we marinate, saturate, and emerge with more presence of the quantum, with its qualities infused into our everyday awareness. But whether we meditate or not, the quantum is always there. It’s part of the background of our attention to some degree. This means it’s available on a moment-to-moment basis for everyone.

Certain techniques bring the quantum forward, from the background of our awareness into an active part, to make it practical. Doing so opens a field of magic that can transform our lives and be a blessing to those around us.

The bracketing technique is one way to make this happen.

Thank you, and

Be Magic!